Differnet Calibre TP9s
May 12, 2020
Mini Anti-Jam System Developed in Turkey
May 14, 2020
Armoured Vehicle Delivery to Airborne Corps

China, which has surpassed the first wave COVID-19 process significantly, continues to acquisition of defence systems.

Airborne Corps, which operates under the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), has received the first batch of CS / VN3 light armored wheeled vehicles. In the images published in China Central Television 13 (CCTV 13), it was determined that at least 14 platforms were delivered. The vehicles were put into service with a ceremony held in the military training area in the Northern Hubei District.

Developed by NORINCO and Poly Technologies, the platform has a welded steel hull. The amphibious vehicle, which has a five-door structure, is suitable for air-drop operations. CS/VN3s have 8,700 kg combat weight and can carry 2 + 8 personnel. The maximum speed of the vehicles powered by the 208 hp diesel engine is 100 km/h and the operational range is 600 km. The platform is in 4×4 configuration. System has a 30-mm cannon armed unmanned turred variant.

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