New Agreement for KA4M1
October 26, 2018
Greek Apaches in Cyprus Island
October 28, 2018
Apache Need For Speed

Boeing has made a move for new solutions to the AH-64E Apache attack helicopters. With these modifications, it is aimed to provide more speed for Apaches. In this context, the drag force.

Testing of modifications called AH-64E Block 2 Compound is currently underway. The trials are based on a 30% scale model in Boeing's wind tunnel in Pennsylvania. In the wind tunnel, the helicopter is simulated by the integration of a pusher-type propeller on tail, larger fixed wings, backward-facing exhaust outlets and a downward-pointing vertical fin. Boeing aims to accelerate the helicopter by 50% with these modifications and to extend the range of the helicopter at the same rate. Boeing also claims that the lifespan of of the platform will double, the unit price will drop by 20%, and the fuel consumption will drop by 24%.

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