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April 16, 2020
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April 18, 2020
Anti-Satellite Missile Test

Russia, which has carried out important studies in the air defence field and high altitude missile systems, continues its testing processes.

Russia conducted an anti-satellite missile test on April 15. According to the statement from the United States Space Command, the trial was carried out with the Direct Ascent Anti-Satellite Missile (DA-ASAT). It was stated that the ability of Russia in question poses an important threat to the space systems owned by the USA and its allied countries, while the test activity is also evidence of this. Due to their altitude and constant movement, satellites were perhaps one of the most strategic defence components of the countries for many years. However, the most strategic feature of these systems is under threat with anti-satellite missile studies that have become widespread recently. India, which carried out a similar trial last year, managed to destroy its own satellite in orbit as part of testing activity.

In addition to the direct destruction of satellites, Russia conducts intelligence activities in orbit through cubic satellites. Mini satellites, which have a name and number as COSMOS XXXX, have carried out signal intelligence by moving around other systems for intelligence purposes. The United States had argued that some of these systems showed space weapon characteristics. According to the rules of engagement that the United States declared during the Cold War period, destroying a satellite in orbit is an act that requires “Massive Retaliation”. That means that the hostile country can be attacked with nuclear weapons in the military literature.

The image belongs to the system that India launched in the “Mission Shakti” last year.

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