India Signs $5Bln Deal to Buy Russia’s S-400 Missile System
October 6, 2018
Boeing Wins $242M for 17 AH-64E Apaches for UAE
October 8, 2018
Analysing Mudros Armistice on its Centenary

Signed on October 30, 1918, Mudros Armistice was signed between the Ottoman Empire and the Entente Powers to conclude fighting. However, it paved the way to the establishment of the Turkish Republic owing to its disregard of equality and sovereignty in terms of content and practice.

The international system, rooted in the Westphalian Peace of 1648, has witnessed only a few conflicts, which ended up in the disappearance of actors taking part in them. In other words, generally speaking, wars are supposed to be a political means used by the states whenever diplomacy does not work. It is to induce the rival to accept one’s perspective, rather than a method to exterminate it altogether. This condition has gradually paved the way for wars to begin and end in accordance with specific procedures. Considering the war as a kind of negative communication, then the parties involved should put an end to this negative situation, namely the conflict, to attain peace. Procedures to regulate affairs among states often denote two stages for the cessation of hostilities; first de facto and then de jure ending of wars.

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