Mildata Delivered TAFF’s 35th Anniversary Document 
January 3, 2023
New Member to SAHA Istanbul
January 6, 2023
America to Fire Its First Hypersonic Missile in 2023

The USA Army plans to launch its hypersonic missile towards the end of 2023. Before that, it will do two more tests.

The missile is jointly developed by the navy and the army. The army is developing a joint hypersonic glide hull, while the navy is developing a two-stage hypersonic missile propulsion division. The Army and Navy are scheduled to launch the entire missile for the first-time using ground support equipment together. According to DefenseNews, Lieutenant General Robert Rasch, head of the Army’s Office of Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies, did not disclose the timing of the tests for security reasons.

The hypersonic missile test conducted at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii in early 2020 was successful, officials said. However, the booster thrust section of the missile failed another test in late 2021. In June 2022 the propulsion division completed a successful test flight.

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