UGV to the British Army
October 2, 2018
Alternative Solution from Turaç
October 4, 2018
Al Shibl to Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan introduced the Saudi vehicles that are put into service. Al Shibl vehicles, which Turkmenistan procured from Saudi Arabia, were also displayed at an military parade. Even though eight vehicles were displayed during the parade, the Ashgabat administration did not state how many vehicles were supplied. Recently, Turkmenistan increases military purchases from the Gulf countries and Turkey, Turkmenistan procured 440 Ajban from the United Arab Emirates earlier.

The Al Shibl 2, which weighs 4.6 tonnes. It has a longer wheelbase (3.18 m) than the Al Shibl 1 (2.31 m). That said, the vehicle, which has a top speed of 120 km/h, powered by 228 HP engine. In addition to its crew of three, the vehicle can carry six fully equipped troops. The Toyota Land Cruiser chassis is fitted with an all-welded steel armour body that provides the occupants with NATO STANAG 4569 Level K1 (5.56/7.62 mm NATO ball) protection against small arms fire, but higher protection levels are available, according to the manufacturer.

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