TURMAKS Sent Field Hospital to Earthquake Zone
March 6, 2023
ASELSAN Solutions in Disaster Area
March 6, 2023
AKSUNGUR UAV is in the Disaster Area for the First Time

DIA President İsmail Demir announced that AKSUNGUR UAV was used in the earthquake disaster in Kahramanmaraş.

AKSUNGUR UAV, produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries, offers uninterrupted multi-role intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and attack capabilities. Demir shared on his social media account: “The technology that we are developing for uninterrupted communication in the operation zones has been implemented for the first time in the disaster area. AKSUNGUR UAV both transmits snapshots and provides mobile phone communication service to our citizens in the region with the base station on it.”

TAI General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil: “From the first day of the earthquake, we load all aid packages such as food, clothing and heating on trucks and send them to the region under the coordination of AFAD. We also provide communication support by integrating a base station into our AKSUNGUR UAV, which came to life after the R&D project we have been working on for more than a year with TURKCELL. We are mobilizing all the means at our disposal to the region affected by the earthquake. I wish God’s mercy to our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake, and I wish a quick recovery to our injured people.”

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