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July 30, 2018
Patriot Stepback
August 1, 2018
Air Force’s First Turkish Hürkuş Counting Day

Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TUSAS) design Hürkuş-B aircraft is counting days to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force. TUSAS production aircraft got its new Turkish Air Force colours before delivery. TUSAS shared first video of this Hürkuş at its official YouTube channel. New colours resemble the first red-white colour which was used on experimental flights. This aircraft’s painting however does not include the old TAI logo, “experimental aircraft” expressions and the “TC-VCH” name indicating that it is a civil aircraft, instead, the 122nd Basic Jet Training Fleet's Scorpion Ship 17-102 is on the tail. For those who want to remember and compare, the aircraft is at the bottom of the visual with its old colours.

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