The US Indecisive Of F-15 Retirement
March 23, 2017
Submarine As a Promotion?
March 26, 2017
0 Expansion in Chinese Marine Corps

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is set to expand its Marine Corps, increasing the number of assault troops from 20 thousand to a hundred thousand. According to an anonymous PLA official, troops of the expanded Marine Corps would be stationed abroad. 

This 400 percent increase would mean six brigades in PLAMC, each consisting of one armored regiment and two marine battalions. The PLAMC uses ZBD05 Tracked Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicles and ZLT05 Tracked Amphibious Assault Guns and reportedly, China’s Ministry of Defense is also considering equipping the brigades with Norinco ZTL-11 8×8 amphibious assault vehicles. 

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