Boeing reports 59% drop in commercial plane deliveries in 2020

Savunma Firmaları Yasayı İhlal Etti
Ocak 13, 2021
Donanmada 3D Uskur Devri
Ocak 14, 2021

Boeing reported Tuesday a 59 percent plunge in commercial plane deliveries in 2020 as it contended with the grounding of the 737 MAX and a travel industry downturn amid Covid-19.The aerospace giant delivered just 157 planes last year, down from 380 in 2019. Boeing also suffered a net drop of 471 commercial plane orders in 2020 following hundreds of cancelations of the 737 MAX, which was cleared in late 2020 to resume flights in the US and some other markets following a 20-month grounding.jmb/jmBOEING

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